Social Impact

Njaro’s goal is to empower local women by helping them to accomplish their goals of providing a better quality of life for themselves and for their families. We feel that it is integral to understand the goals of the women as we work with them so that we can do as much as possible to assist them.

Through partnering with our knitters we were able to increase their potential to grow their businesses. This was achieved by increasing their income as well as diversifying their product offering and customer base. During Njaro’s first 100 Campaign, the choice of how the knitters were going to use their additional income was left completely up to them. Their decisions were both enjoyable and inspiring.

In Himo, Francesca and Doreen were able to save some money to move to another workshop. With this new space they now have access to electricity, allowing them to work on days with minimal natural lighting. This space is larger than their old workshop, and gives them the potential to accommodate more knitters and mentor them into the business. They were also able to fix a couple broken looms and purchase a brand new machine to expand their capacity.

In Moshi, Rita also invested in a new machine and has begun to teach new knitters at her home after work. She was also able to save up for a trip to Mwanza to visit her family. Esta was able to repair some of her old machines and decided to save the rest.

Our Quality Control Manager Helen asked to receive her income in a different way. For a couple of months, she had been exploring business opportunities that can provide a sustainable income for her. She decided on purchasing mountain climbing equipment, such as tents and sleeping bags. With this equipment, Helen plans to start a rental company that provides supplies necessary for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. She also wants to continue to be an integral part of the Njaro team and plans to start an Njaro knitting school in the future.

Njaro partners with local communities to create timeless products with a proud Tanzanian story while building their capacity for growth.


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